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Living with less:
What you gain and how to get there

Do you have certain categories of belongings that aren’t as scaled back as you might like? There are a plethora of reasons to pare down your things and live with less.  And truly, it can end up meaning a lot.

Here is what you can gain:
  • More time. In the average home, getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of the housework. Let’s face it, the more items in your home, the more time those items require – time to clean, maintain and organize. This includes time to locate things that go missing. Would you rather spend time on these tasks or time doing other things that you enjoy?
  • More money. Impulsive and excessive purchases can be expensive. Wouldn’t you rather save for the things you really want or need?
  • Better relationships. When you have fewer things to maintain, you have more time to spend with your precious friends and family.
  • Less stress. Clutter can create a sense of overwhelm, making it harder to focus. By living with less, you know what you have and where to find it.
  • More calm and happiness. When your space is clearer, your mind is too. And a calmer mind can lead to greater happiness. On a related note, happiness can also be fueled by generosity and gratitude. When you donate your items to charities that serve those in need, you’ll feel good about your generosity. And, when you live with less and appreciate each item you’ve kept, your gratitude can create peace.

But how do you get there?

Read our latest article in Richmond Family Magazine for a step-by-step guide for optimizing your home spaces – especially small ones! We love creating a functional plan and then pairing it with a process that sets you up to succeed.




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Sherah is a personal assistant service that gets your to do list done. They are a community of personal assistants who understand all it takes to keep a busy family running. Trust us, they’ll help you feel lighter, less stressed, happier, more focused and less anxious.

Here are some of our favorite examples of how Sherah can help:
– Scheduling repair people, kid’s activities or medical appointments
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Life is complicated.
Circumstances change.
We can help.
No judgments. Just solutions.
And organization.