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Packing with purpose

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about packing?

Do you need help making decisions about what to pack or donate?

Do you wish you had a project plan for your move?

Our proven process

We pack with intention and purpose, which sets us apart from most moving companies. First, we help you purge the things you no longer want so you’re not paying to move things that are no longer serving you.

Then, for the items you want to keep, our professional organizers group like items, pack with care and label boxes in a logical way. This process allows you to easily unpack when you get to your new home.

We’ll even take away your donations and match them up with local charities.

Labeling packed boxes
Packing donations

Coordinating trusted partners

If desired, we can coordinate our trusted service partners to help with large donations and trash pick-ups, sell valuable items, shred personal documents, move your furniture and boxes to your new home, and clean your former residence.

We hold our partners to our same exceptionally high client service standards, and we’ve curated our network to provide you the best partners for their specific lines of work.

These ladies really know what they're doing. I have been incredibly stressed over packing for an upcoming move. My spouse had to move to our new city ahead of me, so I was left here to get everything organized and packed on my own. They are the nicest people in the world and not only are they efficient, but they're funny as well!! We had a great time today and the hours flew by. All of a sudden I realized just how much they had accomplished and I was thrilled. Thank you SO much for relieving my stress!

Ali B., Henrico County VA

Donations transported to many donation partner sites

Cannot recommend them enough.  The team was great and took the stress out of moving with all their help packing our apartment in RVA today. The staff couldn’t be more friendly, efficient, responsive and great at what they do!

Greg M.

Scott's Addition, Richmond VA

Thank you for helping me pack my home for our move, taking multiple loads to donate and carefully labeling everything to make moving a much more peaceful and purposeful process.

Emily W.

Chester VA

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