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Moving to Avery Point?

We help you declutter, downsize and pack, and then organize your new home.

Your ideas were awesome…from placing items in “just the right place” to suggesting new, fresh ideas. Friends that dropped by to see how my move went were impressed!

Pam W.

Avery Point Resident

A preferred partner of

Downsizing & much more… handled with care

Designing a floor plan

We meet with you to plan what furniture to keep and how to arrange it in your new space. After we meet to discuss it, you will receive 2D and 3D renderings of your new space with your furniture in place. Your floor plan is complimentary, when scheduled by Avery Point.

Creating your timeline

To declutter your belongings to fit into your new apartment, we recommend that you begin the planning process at least 6 months prior to your move. Our process begins with an in-home consultation. After seeing your home and discussing your needs and goals, we create a written plan for the job with estimates on length of project, order of tasks, services needed and approximate cost.

Making tough decisions

We understand that decluttering for downsizing can be an overwhelming process; we strive to surround you with love, patience and kindness. We assist you in sorting, making decisions and categorizing what to take with you to your new home, what can be donated or given to others to enjoy, and what should be thrown away or recycled.

Coordinating trusted partners

If desired, we can coordinate our trusted service partners to help with large donations and trash pick-ups, sell valuable items, shred personal documents, move your furniture and boxes to your new home, and clean your former residence.

We hold our partners to our same exceptionally high client service standards, and we’ve curated our network to provide you the best partners for their specific lines of work.

We unpack and organize with care
We can help your new residence at Avery Point feel more like home

Preparing your house for sale

We pre-pack to help you get your house ready to list with a real estate agent by organizing and decluttering each room, and packing away personal items such as photos, books, decorations, extra dishes, seasonal items and more. This makes your home look more spacious and inviting for potential buyers. We pack like items together and label each box clearly.

Packing and unpacking

When you’re ready to move, we pack everything for you. We carefully wrap all dishes and fragile items in paper or bubble wrap, pack like items together so they are well organized, and clearly label all boxes with the contents.

And we unpack all of your belongings and organize your new space so that it functions beautifully and fits your lifestyle. This allows you to get settled quickly and enjoy your new home to its fullest. Additionally, we break down all packing materials so they can be recycled or repurposed and arrange for their removal. Our goal is to leave your new home orderly and functioning just how you want it!

What you can expect from us

Reassurance through planning
Organizing bookshelves
Compassionate decision making
Careful packing
Careful packing and unpacking

During my recent move I was fortunate to have the excellent help of Cut the Clutter to unpack and organize my new home. The contents of all boxes were efficiently and thoughtfully organized for optimal convenience in the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. I highly recommend Cut the Clutter.

– Pam M.

Cut the Clutter has been the best help in enabling our move to Avery Point!  They helped us make good decisions of what to keep, donate, or discard. Their questions helped us see clearly what we would be able to bring to our new home. They unpacked for us and put things away finding more room by expanding closet and shelf space. Each member of their team were truly angels come to our rescue.

Kerry and Lynn A.

When three women from “Cut the Clutter” appeared at my door three days after I moved to Avery Point, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. After introducing themselves and assessing the situation, one smiling face took on the books, one began to organize the kitchen, and the third performed a miracle in my clothes closet.  In consultation with me during the process, in a few hours, things were unpacked, organized, and put away, and I was sooo grateful. They were friendly, efficient, and non-intrusive, and I would highly recommend them to you if you need help.

Suzanne C.

Meet the ‘Clutter Cutter’ team

Cut the Clutter RVA team April 2023

We’re a local, woman-owned small business

Our team has decades of experience leading people and projects in businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and classrooms. We’re also moms and daughters who understand busy lives and want to make a difference. We help others breathe easier by removing the chaos of clutter in a loving manner.

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