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Things we’d never do

We were recently asked by Southern Living to provide input on things professional organizers would never do. Here’s the inside scoop on what we sent them:

  • We don’t judge. Everyone has a different path that has led them to needing help with organization. We lead with patience and kindness to find solutions for our clients. If you’re organizing on your own without the help of a professional, it’s important to offer yourself the same grace when the decluttering decisions and process get hard.
  • We don’t buy organizing supplies too early in the process. We declutter first, then organize what’s left. As you declutter, you may find that you already have bins and other supplies you can reuse. Also, if you let go of enough items, you may not even need containers, which saves you money.
  • We don’t allow ourselves to get stuck in the messy middle. We typically take everything out of a given space and sort similar items together. This makes decisions easier; it’s easier to let go of coffee mugs if you see all 50 of them in one place. But this process isn’t neat. Know that it’s going to be messy before it’s beautiful.
  • We don’t throw things away that can be reused by others. We’re good stewards of the environment and love rehoming items to those in need. And, we find that clients will often get rid of much more if they know their items are going to a great cause, which is winning all around.

Want to learn more? Read the Southern Living article to see our tips and learn what other leading professional organizers would never do.

Speaking of rehoming items to those in need, check out the latest Laurie’s List from Mercy Mall. Below are the most needed items to help those in crisis in the Richmond area. To donate items at either their Henrico or Chesterfield location, please complete their online request form. Once they receive your request to donate, they will follow up with a confirmation email. Visit them online to learn more, www.mercymallva.org.

Check out what Mercy Mall’s Director of Operations, Misi Rose, has to say about their partnership with Cut the Clutter RVA.

Consign your home décor, furniture & more

Curtain Call is hosting a fall consignment sale! The sale runs from September 15 – October 1. Drop off dates start September 1 and end September 10.

With over 20,000 items to choose from, the sale has been a Richmond tradition for 23+ years. They attract a loyal following of motivated shoppers who buy home décor and furniture items. It’s the perfect way to unload your good quality, unwanted items and make some money in return.

Learn more here: https://www.curtaincallrichmond.com/fall-consignment-sale-2023

Life is complicated.
Circumstances change.
We can help.
No judgments. Just solutions.
And organization.