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Our team is beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve others daily. We love removing the chaos of clutter for our clients. Thank you for trusting us to help and for voting for our woman-owned small business!

Organizing supplies: what to buy and when

Step 1: Declutter

During consultations, clients often show us the baskets, bins, labels and other supplies they’ve purchased. On one hand, we love seeing these items. We understand that the clients’ hearts are in the right place – wanting to organize their things! However, we don’t recommend purchasing supplies until after you’ve decluttered. Let’s face it – if you donate lots of items, you may not even need supplies to contain them. And who doesn’t want to save that money?

Step 2: Assess

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to think about reloading your things into zones. Now is the time to break out the supplies you already own and that trusty label maker. Maybe the supplies you own aren’t perfect, but they are free. Perhaps that means they are good enough for the job.

Step 3: Purchase

If you don’t own what you need, now is the time to shop. Focus on items that will best help you maintain your organization. Clear containers allow visual evidence of what’s inside, which is great if things are tidy and maybe not so great if things aren’t. If you can commit to keeping things neat and want to easily see what you have, opt for clear. If you know you won’t keep up with what’s inside (hello fitted sheets!), consider wicker or plastic containers and label them well.

Here are a few of our favorite organizing supplies:

Clear acrylic bins
Clear over-the-door hanging organizers
Clear turntables
Expandable 3-tier steps
Shelf riser
Shoe shelf

We’re always happy to provide advice on what supplies would help optimize your space. Just drop us a line.

Peter Paul is a local non-profit, nestled in the East End of Richmond. Their Promise Center offers a full array of services to fulfill Peter Paul’s purpose statement to Educate the Child, Engage the Family, and Empower the Community. Programs include a unique combination of out-of-school time programming for students, plus intentional family and community enrichment and engagement. Their mission remains steadfast: to support the neighbors of the East End and educate its students, equipping them to serve as positive contributors to their family, community, and society. Founded in 1979 by John Coleman, Peter Paul is the oldest community-based agency continually serving East End children, families and neighbors.

Their volunteer opportunities vary and they welcome you to find what fits your skillset/interest. There is something for everyone! In their education department, volunteers serve as math and reading buddies, classroom assistants, classroom sponsors, and tutors. Their food distribution program is supported by volunteers who help load, unload, and sort food items. Their Family and Community Engagement department hosts community walks and pop-ups where they hand out snack bags, seasonal items, and food prepared by their chef!

To become a volunteer either routinely or for special events, or for any in-kind donations, please email Daiyonna Tretina at dtretina@peterpaulrva.org. They would love to have you! Thank you for your interest and support.

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Circumstances change.
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