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The power of a decluttering partner

A sweet client recently told us, “I could do it alone, but I could really use your encouragement.” We understand and we love her candor.

Sometimes you need a cheerleader – someone in your corner to keep you motivated when the going gets tough. Like when you’re decluttering your closet and you reach the messy middle, when the piles are mounting and the clothes keep coming out of what seems like a “magic” closet. This is often when decisions get hard and overwhelm becomes real.

And sometimes you may also need an accountability partner – someone who will ask you the tough questions to keep you making decisions. Someone who shows you the path forward and gently reminds you of the end goal.

Or maybe you just want to make it more….fun. You’re reading this saying, “Fun? Decluttering isn’t fun!” But we hear from clients on a regular basis how much fun they had working with us. Anyone who has worked with Lynda, our founder, knows the laughter and singing that can result!

Could you use a cheerleader or accountability partner to help you simplify your home?

“The staff of Cut the Clutter RVA are amazing! Teams have helped me clear my house (two stories in addition to an attic, finished basement, and garage). Cut the Clutter RVA’s Teams have been thoughtful, considerate and hard working. They have collaborated with me, asking my input, responding creatively to my downsizing issues, and finding a “home” for the items I donated. Scheduling is a smooth process. For these, and many other reasons, I highly recommend Cut the Clutter RVA and am glad to support a women-owned business!”

Bernice A., Far West End

Mercy Mall needs your donations!

Each month, our amazing partners at Mercy Mall create Laurie’s list, a helpful guide for what they need most to help those in crisis. As you can see, they need housewares, baby supplies and hygiene items.

To donate items at either their Henrico or Chesterfield location, please complete their online request form. Once they receive your request to donate, they will follow up with a confirmation email.

Visit them online to learn more, www.mercymallva.org.

Life is complicated.
Circumstances change.
We can help.
No judgments. Just solutions.
And organization.