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Less clutter = more time, more money & more calm

Ponder this: We work more hours, to buy more stuff to spend more time and money managing all that stuff.
Read that again. Does it resonate with you?
Here are three great reasons to resolve your clutter:More time
Think about this: In the average home, getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of the housework. I mean, who doesn’t want more time? Time to do fun things, time to bond with loved ones, time to focus on other goals, time to just be.More money
When we intentionally spend less money on things we may not need, it allows us to save money to pay for bigger goals such as experiences. Save it for a trip, an amazing party, retirement. Save it for something truly important and memory-creating. By decluttering and keeping like items in zones, you’re more likely to use what you have, which decreases another spending trap: American households spend more than $2.7 billion each year replacing lost items.

More calm
Clutter can breed overwhelm, anxiety and embarrassment. Letting things go that aren’t serving you is often transformative: when your space is clearer, your mind is too.

Thank you Kristal with It’s My Favorite Day for the great stats and tips. To read more on the benefits of decluttering, check out this article: https://www.itsmyfavoriteday.com/what-is-your-clutter-costing-you/

Donate items to help those in crisis

Mercy Mall is a ministry serving families and individuals experiencing crisis situations by providing practical items for free!

Check out their ‘Laurie’s List’ pictured above to stay up to date on their most critical needs.

To donate items, please complete their online request form. Once they receive your request to donate, they will follow up with a confirmation email.

We’re excited that Mercy Mall now has a donation drop-off location in Henrico in addition to Chesterfield!

Visit them online to learn more, www.mercymallva.org!

Life is complicated.
Circumstances change.
We can help.
No judgments. Just solutions.
And organization.