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Exciting news! We’ve been featured in Southern Living Online for the third time! Our founder, Lynda Reider, shares her expert insights in their latest article:
“15 Things You Can Clean If You Only Have 10 Minutes.” 

Southerners know the importance of keeping a clean and tidy house. Despite juggling packed calendars and busy lives, folks still take pride in their homes. That means spring cleaning, of course, but also making sure to try new ways to keep things clean year-round. There’s deep cleaning the house in one packed day, opting to clean one room per month, or trying out the 6/10 cleaning method to keep homes neat. Occasionally there are only 10 spare minutes in a day for cleaning.

Luckily, according to our cleaning experts, that is more than enough time to make a visible dent in the chaos and help keep your home tidy. Here are 15 things that can be cleaned in 10 minutes or less.


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